Friday, February 4, 2011

Posts for Zealicon (2011)

Saurabh Kumar ( )(9717418862)
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Smriti Harsh ( (9910898290)
Siddharth Singh ( (7668876087)

Anubha Prasad ( (9711961702)
Deeksha Yadav -( (9899662429)

Advertisement Heads-
Avinash Mishra ( (7838830438)
Ishaan Rampal ( (9911009989)
Divya Bhatnagar( (9560274008)

1.The advertisement department will work in tandem with the event heads for all the publicity of events.It also has an additional responsibility of advertising Lingua Franca.

2.The publicity team visiting the other colleges will be declared after the first meeting of the semester.

3.For any query contact me at:(

Friday, January 28, 2011


Globalization has gifted us with many developments. One of
the most prominent of them all is the gift of a ‘Common Language’ to express
oneself all around the globe. No doubt  the world is reaping
benefits of this invaluable contribution from the modern world. This
contribution is termed as ‘English’.
We in India just love and adore English. It is not only
considered as a means of putting things across but It has also added some
‘Stars’ to itself during the course of its acceptance in our country. We now have
started relating English with status symbol, class of the speaker, educational
level of the speaking community and much more. As English expands its presence
in the country more people find an intriguing question puzzling them around
.’The Question’ is:
This is where most of us get confused between the use of jargons, blossoming words, extensive vocabulary, use of grammar and  typicality of the language. In the next section
of this article one will find the answer to ‘The Question’ with examples where
Read this statement from a brokerage firm:
In the merger, each share of NYNEX Common Stock issued and outstanding immediately before the
Effective Time(excluding those held in the treasury of NYNEX and those owned by
Bell Atlantic)without action on the part of the holder thereof, will be
converted into the right to receive 0.768 of a share of Bell Atlantic Common

One definitely needs to be prodigy or that old bearded man with loads of experience in finance backing him up to decipher the riddle stated above.
The other way of writing it is:
If the merger is
completed ,NYNEX stockholders will receive 0.768 of a share of Bell Atlantic
common stock for each share of Nynex common stock they own.
The latter definitely gives respite to an average reader and
makes him more interested in the topic being mentioned. The tool which provides
one with bullets of  writing lucid
English and making the planet a better place to live is known as ‘Plain
English’. In the fourteenth century Chaucer had one of his characters demand:
Speketh so pleyne at this time,I yow preye
That we may understonde what ye seye.
The main points which form the essence of Plain English are:
1.Write shorter sentences-There is a guideline to aim for an average sentence length of
15-20 words in a document.
2.Prefer plain words-Use of plain words not only makes the readers more willing to
participate actively in the read but they also make the work more transparent. No
wonder why the contemporary novels use it as a benchmark for their success.
3.Write tight-‘Work is required  on the flue and funnels’ is much better than ‘Work is required to be carried out on the flue and funnels’.
4.Be non sexist-No sex orientation should be visible in one’s writing.
5.Plan effectively-Think before you write. Always structure the thing which one is about to write. Drafting and redrafting helps a lot!
6.Use good punctuation-‘Once she had the dress off she would go in the search of
matching shoes’ is certainly a blunder until and unless one means it! The
intended meaning here is ‘Once she had the dress, off she would go in the search of matching shoes’.
7.Conquer  Grammarophobia-The main advantage of plain English is that it uses basic knowledge of grammar. Keep it simple so that one finds it simple!
8.Use Clear layouts-Layout of the article should also be considered as an ‘Agent Of Impression’.
9.Be positive-Reflect positive attitude .’Vote for not more than on candidate’ will surely be
problematic when one wants to say ‘Vote for one candidate only’.
10.Use bullets and lists-This article will be less lucid if the bulleting framework is not
used. Use  bullets, lists or any other representation of the facts which makes the writing simple and crisp.
There are many other minor points which improve one’s writing skills but these are quintessential to be a good writer. Implementing these point will not only make one more accepted and clear but will also make him a responsible members of the society as its his attempt to make this world
less chaotic.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Hundred teams on the R.O plant, each comprising of 2 members! There weren’t any singers, dancers or performers. Wondering how anyone could pull this off in the era where music over powers any literary or as they call it “serious” event? Ask Lingua Franca!
Graffi-T is what we call it. The idea is to add an element of fun to the cliché slogan writing competition. We provided a plain white T-shirt, water colors, paintbrush, newspaper and cotton to all the teams. A time of one hour was given to them in which they had to come up with an original slogan on the following topics-
1. Corruption
2. Expressions
3. Incredible India
4. Nature
The topics were displayed in college two days prior to the event so that participants would get time to think of the slogan well in advance.
There was enthusiasm among the students even before the topics were displayed! People often would talk about it with Lingua France members enquiring when we were planning to conduct the event. Once the topics were displayed, Graffi-T became the talk of the town!
The event started at 4:00 pm. Most of the registrations were done in the boy’s and girl’s hostel. An on-the-spot registration desk was set up as well. Two registration desks were set up for material distribution and this was being managed by the second year, Lingua Franca members. The ambience was electric with discussions of the various teams about how to go about implementing their ideas and colors and T-shirts spread on the periphery of the R.O plant. Participants ranged from first year to fourth year and there were students of B.Tech, BBA and BCA.
Graffi-T turned out to be a huge success! We are expecting students to participate with the same enthusiasm, in the various interesting events that will be organized in the next semester.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NEW AUTHOR-Smriti Harsh

I am back with a new blogger for our blog.Our very own Smriti Harsh aka Jhim.:)
She'll be posting continually with the other active members to keep all our readers updated about the society.
Wishing her all the very best.I hope she'll find this journey of blogging more eventful than her semesters.:)

P.S-I would like to urge the readers to please comment on the post itself.I wont be able to reply individually by mail.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Hello everyone.
Firstly,I would like to welcome all the freshers.You all are about to start a new life and it's going to enrich you with loads of skills.My best wishes to all of them.Secondly,as you all are a part of Lingua Franca family now,I'll introduce you to your own world  so as to make you more aware about its beloved INCHOATION.

We start off with an orientation program for you all.It's Inchoation.The name says it all!The beginning of the new journey.We make sure that all of you have an experience of a lifetime.In it you'll come to know more about the society.Adding on to it we have some fun events.They will reflect our innovativity with the usage of lannguage.We not only make words speak but we also make them count in a game of tambola!..:)
To top it all we have our main event-Image Smasher.A personality hunt which judges an overall personality and makes it a cynosure of the college.The rounds of it will include adzap,word-o-mania,situation reaction test & many more.So gear up guys!You'll regret if you miss it.

ORIENTATION PROGRAM-22nd September,Seminar Hall,Ab-1
TIMINGS:4:00 p.m.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


First of all I am sorry to have had disconnection from our own world.You all know about the famous 'CAT'.I was also preparing to bell it.
Nevertheless,I am back and that too with a bang!
The transfer of posts for the session 2010 took place in a meeting held in May.This was the time when most of us feel a pang of conscience!The same happened this time.Last meeting for us as 3rd year students was indeed a memorable one.Our ex-president Meghna ma'am announced the  new posts for this upcoming season.
They are:
Shubham Tomar-Senior Executive Member.
Ritika-Senior Executive Member.
Shraddha Sahay-Head of the Junior Executive Team
Members of the Junior Executive Team:
Deeksha Yadav,Ishan Rampal,Divya,Saurabh Gupta.Siddhartha Gautam.
Finance department:
Smriti Harsh:Treasurer.

All the best to all the members.Hope you'll continue the good work with same enthusiasm and alacrity.